Hello world, I'm Ed, a tech geek from NYC.

Welcome to my home and thank you for visiting. Feel free to show yourself around about who I am, what I do and where I go on my spare time. If you have any questions, scroll to the bottom or click the contact page to reach me.

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snippets about ed

// me //

"simple guy based in new york city trying to make a positive impact in the world";

// skills //

"skilled system administrator, programmer and manager with a firm foundation to be agile in any situation";

// fun //

"avid travel hacker who loves exploring different culture, backpacking in the wilderness and running unique races";


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Thumbnail of projects

This screen shows the input parameters for the badge to be printed out.

// Badge System //

purpose <simple badge system for visitor and employee badges>

tech <php; jquery; ec2>

Displaying the main screen for managers where they can schedule sick, vacation and holiday times for employees.

// Scheduler //

purpose <scheduling and managing time for managers and viewing for employees>

tech <php; mysql; jquery; ec2>

// Package Tracking System //

purpose <tracking and accounting packages for staff and guests>

tech <php; mysql; jquery; ec2>

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// privacy // 2021.01.03 //

While I advocate privacy awareness, it doesn't mean i'm full on anti-Google or any advertising company. People ask me if they should switch from their Gmail account all the time. While for me, personally, I dislike the idea of companies such as Google monetizing on my personal information and behaviors. I have switched to privacy-minded companies like ProtonMail and Tutanota for my e-mail.

However, I still recognize the importance of Gmail for many users. It's ease of use, strong spam and phishing protections and seamless integration is unmatched in the industry and moving off these platforms might not be the right fit for many people.